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It’s a Saturday in the summer of 2002, and you’re looking for something to do. Why not check out this free music show at Tyler Park? You probably wouldn’t have guessed at the time, but this small group of 50-60 people enjoying the arts turned into one of the top 15 most anticipated music festivals of the summer: Forecastle. If you’re from Louisville, you probably know the modern Forecastle, big names, loud music, lots of people and lots of fun. But Forecastle’s humble beginnings showcase how Louisville’s hunger for the arts has grown.
The venue for Forecastle bounced around quite a bit before finding its home at the Ohio River Waterfront Park. As crowds grew, the festival was relocated from Tyler Park to Cherokee Park in 2005, and again to the Melwood Arts and Entertainment Center in 2006. Finally in ‘07 Forecastle found its home on the Ohio, the biggest venue in the city.
As attendance has grown, the focus of Forecastle has shifted to appeal to a broader audience. The first Forecastle hailed itself as a festival of the arts, not just music. Local artists showcased exhibits with paintings, sculptures and crafts, and that was a big part of the day. Now, Forecastle is primarily a music festival. They still have visual exhibits, but the focus has shifted as they try to appeal to mass audiences.
In 2017, Forecastle is looking at one of its strongest lineups ever. Headliners include Odesza, LCD Soundsystem, Weezer, and Sturgill Simpson. Kentucky natives can rejoice too, because Cage the Elephant, from Bowling Green is also playing the main stage. This brings us to another issue with Forecastle’s rising popularity: the erosion of local culture.
Of course, Forecastle started as a spotlight for Louisville’s art scene. However, today, only a handful of artists are from the area. Locals will be quick to point out that the festival is the biggest source of tourists since the Kentucky Derby, but not everyone agrees that more attendance is a good thing. If you’re going to the festival this year, keep an eye out for Louisville’s unique culture, and support local artists.
The flipside to this, however, is that now Forecastle is owned by AC Entertainment, the same corporation that puts on huge festivals such as Bonaroo, and corporate resources mean that the festival can host nationally, and worldwide renowned artists. This tradeoff appeals to more people in the surrounding areas, but it means that Forecastle has lost a lot of its local appeal. Fortunately, they’ve done a great job of promoting local artists, while simultaneously drawing in crowds from around the world with their big-name acts.
Along with the music festival, Forecastle also works with over 150 nonprofits and charities. Included in this list is the founder, JK McKnight’s own nonprofit, The Forecastle Foundation, which dedicates itself to “rebuilding the world’s natural awesome.” The mission of the foundation involves identifying and protecting 12 of the world’s most ecologically diverse, yet endangered areas. These biodiverse regions are referred to as “hotspots,” and they’ve already selected five of them to fall under the protection of the foundation, including areas in tropical, temperate, and even desert regions. While these hotspots cover barely 2% of the world’s surface, 77% of all vertebrates, and 50% of all plant species. Forecastle’s longstanding mission of promoting sustainability continues to reach out under the founder’s nonprofit.
This year, like so many years in the past, we can expect Forecastle to fall on a hot, humid weekend. If you’re braving the heat, be sure to bring plenty water and sunscreen. Bring a camera to save some memories for later, but if you listen to anything in this article, take this advice: Keep your phone in your pocket. This is the experience of a lifetime. Far too few are chances to disconnect from our responsibilities, but this is a chance to do just that. Unplug yourself while you enjoy world class music and art from all over the world. You’ll regret it if you miss something because you were looking at your phone.
This year’s Forecastle shows a lot of promise. Expect the annual attendance to increase, surpassing 75,000 visitors from all 50 states and countries all over the world. Louisville’s music festival has grown immensely since its humble beginnings in Tyler Park. While its local focus has mostly been left behind, the broad appeal of nationally recognized artists will surely make this year’s Forecastle Festival one to remember. Be sure to check it out from July 14th-16th, at Waterfront Park.



Goodbye College! Hello… Real World?

So guys, my college career is FINALLY coming to an end and boy am I pretty estatic about it!

At this point I have been in college for a little over 5 years–which means I have been in school (be it elementary, middle, and high school) for 17 years of my life… woah, saying that out loud makes it feel a bit more intense than I thought.

Being in school for that long you could say I’m very much looking forward to not having to go to class every single day. Or worry about paying for tuition, buying books, and even walking to class in the mornings.

Yeah, yeah, I know after I graduate it will be all “real world” adulating. Which means going to work everyday, paying for bills, and possibly buying a car……. or does it?

Everyone always asks me what my plan after I graduate is and friends I’m here to tell you, I don’t have a damn clue.

The only thing I’m sure of is that this girl needs a break! That’s right, an actual break!

That being said I have decided to travel to Costa Rica in the months after I graduate to become a certified yoga instructor. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now I just haven’t had the time or opportunity–but come January I finally will!

I have gotten a lot of backlash from others, mainly family members with comments like, “You paid all of that money for college to go and become a yoga teacher?” Which is understandable if you only think inside the box (sorry family, I still love you). But for me it is a chance to experience something in a completely new place doing something I am passionate about.

And who knows maybe it could just be a side job in the future to help me de-stress from a busy work week. Orrr, maybe I’ll become an “Insta” famous yogi who just travels the world doing what she loves.

That’s the great/scary thing about the future–nobody knows what’s in store years, months, or even weeks from now. One things for certain though, I’m really looking forward to finding out!



Must See Concerts!

Over the past decade or so Louisville has really upped there game concert wise. Making it a “it” place for bands on tour to stop and play.

This summer brings numerous amounts of bands which vary in genre, venue, and prices. I’m here to give you a few concerts I think are a must see for the summer!

  1. Glass Animals at Iroquois Amphitheater.

Glass Animals is a popular indie rock band from Oxford, England. They play feel good music that makes you want to get on your feet and dance.

I saw them last year at Forecastle and they blew me away. Beautiful vocals from the bands lead singer Dave Barley accompanied by all of the alluring sounds from the rest of the group.

Glass Animals will be playing at Iroquois Amphitheater on June 12 at 8pm! Tickets are ranging from $30-$60 so go and get yours now before it’s too late!

2. Blackbear at The Mercury Ballroom.

Matthew Tyler Musto better known as Blackbear is an American hip-hop artist, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Basically the jack of all trade in the music field.

Although he’s known as a hip hop artist a lot of his music doesn’t have your average “hip-hop” feel.

He will be at Mercury Ballroom on June 17th at 8pm! GA prices for this concert are $42–but trust me it will be $42 well spent!

3. Future Islands at The Mercury Ballroom.

Future Islands is a synthpop (short for synthesizer pop) band. For those of you who don’t know what that it is, it is just another form of techno pop music.

This band puts on one hell of a show. Their lead singer Gerrit Welmers is praised for the theatric element he brings to the stage.

Trust me, you can’t not dance when you hear their groovy tunes.

They will be here June 16 at the Mercury Ballroom, doors open at 6pm and they come on at 7pm! General admission prices are only $21, go out and get yours now!


For those of you who have read my blog before, this post may be a bit different from what you’re used to reading.

With events here in the last year and especially in the last few weeks alone, I have been constantly faced with asking myself, “why?”

So for that reason this post will be all about the question, “why?”

Why are we as a society continuing to downward spiral? Race, religion, sexual orientation–all of which are just expressions of human existence. Why do these aspects of everyday life separate us as a society and individuals.

We are all human, humans who may think, look, and feel differently but at the end of the day we are all one thing, human.

As a society some try and overlook all of the brutality and hurt others and ourselves are encountering but enough is enough. It’s time we as acting members of this world and just simply as human beings put a stop to this.

Now is not a time to be absent. It is time to be informed and educated. Especially on topics that deal with the well being of people. Topics that deal with everyday struggles. Not just those we face but struggles others face as well.

It’s time… we have to stand up and do anything and everything we can to help. Whatever way we can.

We have one life, why…why spend it any other way then being good to others? Respecting, understanding, and empathizing with those other than ourselves.

We all lead separate lives but it takes no effort to just be kind. So be kind people.


For those of you who are unaware of what Red River Gorge (better known as the gorge) is I am here to inform you. Not only inform you but let you know exactly why it should be on your list of places to visit.

Red River Gorge is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest which is in the town of Stanton, KY. This “gorge-ous” natural canyon brings people from all over the country.

You can hike, swim, camp, slack line, rock climb, etc.. Basically anything you want or can think of doing, you can do at the Gorge.

Take your friends, your parents, take anyone. The Gorge can accommodate anyones needs. Those ranging from someone who isn’t completely taken with camping to your avid everyday hiker/camper. 

If and when you visit there are a few trails I truly suggest you take:

The Indian Staircase and Indian Arch, Double Arch, and Natural Bridge Trail.

Indian Staircase and Indian Arch is a 3.5 mile hike to the top of the staircase. It is all uphill through a bit of rough terrain which makes it more on the difficult side. But let me tell you, when you reach the top it all becomes worth it. The view is absolutely breathtaking.

Double Arch Trail is a 5.6 mile trail but is fairly moderate. The land is generally very flat, easy accessible, with little to no obstacles. Making it a little bit longer but more relaxed trail to hike.

Natural Bridge Trail is probably one of my favorite areas to hike. I say this because it’s a pretty easy and short trail (3 miles) with view of all of the beauty one could ask for.



4 Reasons You Should Do Yoga

Yoga has been one of the most helpful practices for me and my body ever since I stopped cheering. I started cheering when I was 5 and worked my way up to becoming a cheerleader for the University of Louisville for three years. And to say those years took a tole on my body would be an understatement.

Here I will list 4 reasons I think everyone should indulge in a little bit of yoga.

  1. Yoga can be a huge stress reliever.

Feeling a little irritated or high strung? Find your nearest yoga studio or even a yoga youtube video–and see how your body and mind immediately relax. By clearing your mind and silencing any noise going on in your life it is easy to calm you body and mind.

2. It’s a great work out.

Yoga has been known to be one of the best ways to work out and lose weight for that matter. It creates long lines and toned muscles. No, you’re not getting that same hardcore cardio feeling. But I promise, wait until you wake up the next morning… you will definitely “feel the burn”.

3. It can ease pains your body may be experiencing.

According to Harvard Medical School prating yoga can help eliminate all sorts of pains but especially chronic pains. Certain poses can help bring relief to those areas that seem to be having difficulties. Below are a few poses that can bring comfort to those areas.

 Helps relieve upper back pain.

Focuses on neck pain and headaches.

This pose can help relive hip, neck, upper and lower back pains.

4. It can improve your sleep.

Plenty of research has shown that by practicing yoga on normal basis can drastically help with insomnia. Many believing it has something to do with the calming elements while doing this exercise.


Go forth and yoga my friends!

Palaweno Brewery

As a beer enthusiast I find myself being interested with new brewery openings so when I came across this article I was enamored. Mainly because the brewery being discussed was founded and started by only females. So when I came across this I knew I had to share!

Palaweno Brewery is located in the Philippines–Puerto Princesa to be exact which is the largest city on the island. And what’s so special about this brewery is that it is the first all female-run operation.

Ayah Javier first came up with the idea when she was visiting San Diego. It was the first time she had ever tasted craft beer and it was all she needed to fall in love.

She loved everything about it, the taste, aromas, and the idea that it could be a unique business opportunity back in the Philippines. So she took advantage of that exact thought and boy was it a great idea.

The brewery focuses on making beer that has an essence of the land which they are living on. In this case making beers with Palawan honey. Javier discusses how in Palawan there are three types of honey, all of which they try to incorporate into their beers.

One specific honey beer is known as the Honey Kolsch or what natives call the “tribal beer.” They also serve beers like the hoppy Ayahay IPA. This brewery has a variety of craft beers and they’re just getting started.

It has been said that they have the most pure tasting beer and Javier says the reason for this is because of the water. They use only water from their own land in combination with barley, hops, and yeast to brew.

Javier says, “And what makes it local beer is the water– so clean and pure.”


Mary’s Place

Amazon, a name anyone living in this generation knows. It is known for being a power house retailer and electronic commerce site. You can purchase anything from books and movies to motorcycle parts. Anything you need you can bet amazon has it.

What some may not know however, is the enormous part they play for the homeless in the U.S. and even more so in the city of Seattle. CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is trying to do everything he can to help end homelessness in Seattle.

Amazon has partnered with a local nonprofit known as Mary’s Place to help in any way they can. Bezos made it known that the tech conglomerate would be donating 47,000 square feet of space located within their Seattle headquarters.

Every bit of that space will go to housing the homeless.

This building will contain 65 rooms allowing the board of up to 200 residents every single night.

Construction has already started on this magnificent building and should be up and running by 2020.

Mary’s Place also focuses on not just giving these people a place to stay, but gives resources to help residents find employment and permanent housing.

The incredible giver that is Amazon doesn’t stop there. Now users of the site have the option to purchase items like socks, diapers, and clothes from Mary’s Place for residents and others going through homelessness.

Homelessness is a huge issue all over the world and anything we can do to help–we should. Amazon is doing their part, now it’s time to do ours.

Help those in need! Go to Amazon and donate or purchase some clothing for those less fortunate. Anything helps guy!


Read More Books People!

We as a generation have become more and more acquainted with technology. Especially when it comes to watching movies rather than reading the books.

In high school I can remember teachers bringing out the movie because they didn’t think any of us would read the book (and for the most part they were right).

Here I’m going to list a few reasons as to why you need to read more books!

  1. The more you read the more knowledge you will have.

Reading a book, no matter what it may be can fill your mind with loads of information that was not previously there. It can also help retain more information. Especially when dealing with word knowledge and being able to comprehend more in depth thoughts.

2. Expansion of your vocabulary.

To go along with what was previously talked about, the more you read the more words you come in contact with. This in itself broadens your range on words that you know and relate to. Which in return allows you to be better spoken and keep up with conversations about a variety of topics and circumstances.

3. Improvement of your memory.

If you have ever read a really gripping novel then you know what it’s like to be completely immersed in a book. Which means you also know how well your memory comes back to you when refer to this “gripping” story. Reading more books helps one to better analyze the information they are taking in and put it into their own thoughts.

Everyone, go out and buy you a book. Read it, love it, live it.


Eating Veggie Can Be Cool Too

There is a common misconception that if you don’t eat meat you can’t possibly eat anything good. Well friends, those people are wrong. I cook and eat delicious meals everyday… and it’s awesome.

I’ve been a vegetarian for about six months now and yes, it was a little hard at first. But after a few weeks I realized how great it could actually be.

Here today I’m going to list my favorite vegetarian meal and the simplest way to make it!

Introducing my famous “Veggie Stuffed Peppers!”


  • Two large red bell peppers (halved and seeded)
  • Veggie sausage (which ever brand you choose)
  • 1/3 cup brown rice
  • Two table spoons four cheese blend
  • 10.75 ounces of tomato sauce (or one can)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Two table spoons garlic salt
  • Pinch of rosemary
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Directions (Cook time 15 minutes/Prep 15 minutes/Ready in 30 minutes)

  • Preheat your oven to 425.
  • Arrange pepper halves in baking dish and coat with a little olive oil and salt.
  • Place veggie sausage in a skillet and place on medium heat. Cook sausage until it’s nice and crispy.
  • Next fill a medium size pot with the rice and tomato sauce and cook until the rice is nice and tender. Once the rice is fully cooked season with your salt, pepper, garlic salt, and rosemary.
  • Once you’ve seasoned your sauce to your liking add your crispy sausage and 2 table spoons of cheese. Leave on stove until your cheese is nice and melted.
  • Spoon your delicious mixture into each halve of the peppers and place into the oven. Leave those bad boys in there for about 15 minutes or until your peppers reach the texture you desire. Take them out and let them sit for a minute or two, plate them, and dive right in!

There are so many recipes when it comes to cooking stuffed peppers. This just happens to be the one that works for me and my taste buds so I hope you find them as scrumptious as I do!