For those of you who have read my blog before, this post may be a bit different from what you’re used to reading.

With events here in the last year and especially in the last few weeks alone, I have been constantly¬†faced with asking myself, “why?”

So for that reason this post will be all about the question, “why?”

Why are we as a society continuing to downward spiral? Race, religion, sexual orientation–all of which are just expressions of human existence. Why do these aspects of everyday life separate us as a society and individuals.

We are all human, humans who may think, look, and feel differently but at the end of the day we are all one thing, human.

As a society some try and overlook all of the brutality and hurt others and ourselves are encountering but enough is enough. It’s time we as acting members of this world and just simply as human beings put a stop to this.

Now is not a time to be absent. It is time to be informed and educated. Especially on topics that deal with the well being of people. Topics that deal with everyday struggles. Not just those we face but struggles others face as well.

It’s time… we have to stand up and do anything and everything we can to help. Whatever way we can.

We have one life, why…why spend it any other way then being good to others? Respecting, understanding, and empathizing with those other than ourselves.

We all lead separate lives but it takes no effort to just be kind. So be kind people.