Goodbye College! Hello… Real World?

So guys, my college career is FINALLY coming to an end and boy am I pretty estatic about it!

At this point I have been in college for a little over 5 years–which means I have been in school (be it elementary, middle, and high school) for 17 years of my life… woah, saying that out loud makes it feel a bit more intense than I thought.

Being in school for that long you could say I’m very much looking forward to not having to go to class every single day. Or worry about paying for tuition, buying books, and even walking to class in the mornings.

Yeah, yeah, I know after I graduate it will be all “real world” adulating. Which means going to work everyday, paying for bills, and possibly buying a car……. or does it?

Everyone always asks me what my plan after I graduate is and friends I’m here to tell you, I don’t have a damn clue.

The only thing I’m sure of is that this girl needs a break! That’s right, an actual break!

That being said I have decided to travel to Costa Rica in the months after I graduate to become a certified yoga instructor. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now I just haven’t had the time or opportunity–but come January I finally will!

I have gotten a lot of backlash from others, mainly family members with comments like, “You paid all of that money for college to go and become a yoga teacher?” Which is understandable if you only think inside the box (sorry family, I still love you). But for me it is a chance to experience something in a completely new place doing something I am passionate about.

And who knows maybe it could just be a side job in the future to help me de-stress from a busy work week. Orrr, maybe I’ll become an “Insta” famous yogi who just travels the world doing what she loves.

That’s the great/scary thing about the future–nobody knows what’s in store years, months, or even weeks from now. One things for certain though, I’m really looking forward to finding out!




4 Reasons You Should Do Yoga

Yoga has been one of the most helpful practices for me and my body ever since I stopped cheering. I started cheering when I was 5 and worked my way up to becoming a cheerleader for the University of Louisville for three years. And to say those years took a tole on my body would be an understatement.

Here I will list 4 reasons I think everyone should indulge in a little bit of yoga.

  1. Yoga can be a huge stress reliever.

Feeling a little irritated or high strung? Find your nearest yoga studio or even a yoga youtube video–and see how your body and mind immediately relax. By clearing your mind and silencing any noise going on in your life it is easy to calm you body and mind.

2. It’s a great work out.

Yoga has been known to be one of the best ways to work out and lose weight for that matter. It creates long lines and toned muscles. No, you’re not getting that same hardcore cardio feeling. But I promise, wait until you wake up the next morning… you will definitely “feel the burn”.

3. It can ease pains your body may be experiencing.

According to Harvard Medical School prating yoga can help eliminate all sorts of pains but especially chronic pains. Certain poses can help bring relief to those areas that seem to be having difficulties. Below are a few poses that can bring comfort to those areas.

 Helps relieve upper back pain.

Focuses on neck pain and headaches.

This pose can help relive hip, neck, upper and lower back pains.

4. It can improve your sleep.

Plenty of research has shown that by practicing yoga on normal basis can drastically help with insomnia. Many believing it has something to do with the calming elements while doing this exercise.


Go forth and yoga my friends!